Car rental businesses have experienced quite a boom and can be very profitable. However, you need to have a well-functioning website to run a successful rental business. We recommend WordPress as it is the most popular website builder. Then you need a dependable plugin to allow people to book rental properties smoothly. We researched what is the best WordPress plugin for your car rental business, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of many so you can choose the best one for you.

Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin)

We definitely recommend this plugin as it has everything you might need for a car rental business. It is one of the most popular too. It has great records and reviews on CodeCanyon: as of now, it was sold 2,490 times, has 208 reviews, and has a rating of 4.29. Currently, there is also a discount for prolonged support. This plugin was released in 2015 but updated in 2021, so you can be sure everything works great.

The code is written by experience Silicon Valley developers using native WordPress functions. You can be sure of great performance! It is scalable, so you can include any functionality you need. Some of its features include unlimited numbers of properties, the ability to pay through various getaways such as PayPal and Stripe, four security layers, readiness for high-traffic websites, and more. It also works nicely with mobiles, smoothly resizing images to fit the screen.

Learn more or buy here.

Car Rental Booking System for WordPress

While not as popular or flexible, this plugin is also a good option. And a bit cheaper. It was bought 907 times on CodeCanyon and has a rating of 4.47 from 60 reviews. 

One of the features of this plugin is that it breaks down the process into steps for your customers. First, they select the time, then the cars, then enter driving details. You can also integrate WooCommerce and Google Calendar, there is an unlimited number of vehicles and locations, email and SMS notifications. However, more than one review described this plugin as buggy.

Check out the plugin here.

RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

This plugin is another one of the most popular car rental plugins with good ratings: it has a rating of 4.64 on CodeCanyon, as rated by 140 people. RedQTeam published it in 2016, but the last update was in 2021. You can use it to rent out cars, bikes, tools, etc. 

You can easily integrate this plugin with the WooCommerce plugin. It has an unlimited number of bookable properties, various pricing functions, and calendar management options. The user can negotiate and request a quote: you can set custom pricing for them. Check it out on CodeCanyon here.

Car Rental Booking Engine 

This one is a free plugin you can download. However, it has not been tested with the latest updates of WordPress so there can be compatibility problems. Also, you will have to pay if you want it to function better. And the plugin has just a few installations and no ratings. So we recommend paying for a proper plugin if you want your business website to function well. 

Its features include rates of availability, as many pickup and return places as you want. View and download the plugin here.

Ecalypse Rental Starter

Ecalypse also has a free version (as well as a premium one). We think it is better than Car Rental Booking Engine. Although maybe not as good as the above-mentioned paid plugins!

It also allows an unlimited number of properties and choosing multiple properties. We believe it is better for bikes and scooters than cars. They also claim that it is better for developers who have experience with WordPress. It will likely be too difficult for beginners unless you choose paid support. However, we recommend other paid plugins in this case.

Find Ecalypse Rental Starter here.

We hope you will now be able to choose the best WordPress plugin for your car rental business. Want some tips on running such a business? Check out articles on on starting a rental business, exotic car rental business, renting out your car, or even post an ad there!